Princeton Energy Advisors is a consultancy located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Its staff have more than 30 years of experience in consulting, particularly related to the oil and gas services and technologies sector.  In addition, the firm's principals have extensive experience in private equity and venture capital advisory, as well as government project consulting.

The firm uses a variety of traditional research and analytical techniques to support client strategies.  The company specializes, however, in binding constraint forecasting, which we believe provides good advance notice of market inflections 6-8 months in advance, with as much as 18 months' visibility in some cases.

For trading houses, hedge and private equity funds, oil companies, and manufacturing firms, this notice can be critical at market turning points, whether up or down.  It can provide early notice to divest, beef up capital structure, or prevent a client from over-paying for an acquisition.  And it can provide comfort to enter a market when an upturn is not yet visible.

Our methodology has provided solid guidance in turbulent markets, and can assist your firm as well.