Articles in Foreign Policy

Some articles I wrote for Foreign Policy magazine over the last few years:

A Double Dip

In this article from January 2010, I argue that rising oil prices could derail the global economy and cause a double dip recession.  This was to prove correct.

The Petrostates of America

In March 2012, I argued that the US economy is addicted to producing oil.  Our superior GDP growth since the shale surge in mid-2011 suggests the analysis was correct.

How the Electric Self-Driving Miracle Car Will Change Your Life

This article, from June 2012, discussed the business model through which electric cars could change the transportation calculus after 2020.  It's still one of my favorites.

By the way, FP editorial staff are responsible for the titles of the articles.  I provide the text.  Also, you may have to register to read the articles.